ASPIRE is a diocesan program of excellence for students in the performing arts arena. Students audition in November each year for a place in the vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, drama ensemble and dance ensemble. Those who are selected attend weekly rehearsals in Semester 1 to prepare for a showcase in August each year.


At St Joseph’s College, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sporting opportunities held at local, Diocesan and state-wide levels. Our school holds three sports carnivals each year – the Swimming Carnival, the Athletics Carnival and the Cross Country. All students are expected to attend these activities and to participate to the best of their ability.

Sports offered at St Joseph's
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Basketball
  • Touch Football
  • Horse Sports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Cross Country


DioSounds is an annual event held at the Civic Theatre that showcases the talents of the students and programs on offer at schools throughout the diocese. Each year, approximately 100 students from St Joseph’s College performing arts program are selected to perform in the showcase.

Cultural Opportunities

Students at St Joseph’s College are encouraged to pursue their cultural interests via a number of cultural opportunities.

Extra-Curricular activities
  • Choir
  • Band and ensembles
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Artwork for the Community
  • Poetry competitions
  • Creative writing clubs and competitions
  • Short film competitions
  • Japanese Sister School Exchange Program, including cultural classes
  • Drama Club
  • Visits to local and Sydney art galleries,
  • Artist workshops
  • Entries into art exhibitions

FLEXI Learning

Students in Year 7-10 participate in a FLEXI Learning program every Wednesday morning for an hour and 35 minutes. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities including:

Archery, Ceramics, Drama, Gravity X, Musical Theatre, Gymnastics, Skatepark, Mini Golf, Indoor Sports, Japanese Cultural Club, Rock Climbing, Racquet Sports, Mindfulness, Mosaics and more.