Lochinvar students can do anything

St Joseph’s connects faith, family and learning and thereby forms a dynamic community where students quickly feel that they belong.

Our contemporary learning facilities assist our students to engage in the arts, literature, science, humanities, technology, STEM and sport within a vibrant environment where academic excellence is valued and encouraged.

Specialist facilities at St Joseph’s College

Hospitality Facilities

Our contemporary hospitality and food tech kitchens are equipped with industry standard facilities to enable students to develop their culinary skills and knowledge.

Science Laboratories

Our newly refurbished and well resourced science laboratories boast an open plan layout creating the ideal environment for practical and theoretical learning

College Hall

Our college hall is a versatile space with the capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 people. It hosts a variety of school and sporting events making it a fundamental part of our school

Music Studio

The music center and studio are designed to host a vibrant range of activities with interconnecting classrooms that promote team teaching and collaborate learning.

They are equipped with cutting-edge production facilities giving students a taste of what it’s like to operate in a professional setting.


Bertrand Centre

The Bertrand Centre, established in 2013, honours Sr Mary Bertrand, the first principal of St Joseph’s College and is designed to align with modern pedagogies as it provides spaces conducive to collaborative learning, individual study, seminars, and quiet reading. It empowers students to acquire lifelong learning skills through research and development.

Student Cafe

Our cafe is a relaxed space for students and staff to gather and connect. It is run by VET Hospitality students and supervised by staff. This allows students to gain practical experience whilst offering their peers a variety of seasonal beverages and breakfast choices.

Farming and agricultural site

Our College agricultural site is the most unconventional of classrooms, where students develop life skills through hands on engaged learning. Farming equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values surrounding the environment and healthy living, which deepens their connection with the natural world and its landscape.