Ministry Framework at St Joseph’s College

The purpose of the Ministry Framework is to provide an instrument to evaluate and develop the formation of staff and students in their understanding of the life and misson of St Joseph’s College, as a Catholic educational community, committed to the vision “At the heart of everything there is always Jesus Christ.”

A Ministry Framework will:

  • Ensure we are addressing the needs of both staff and students in relation to all elements of Ministry within the school environment. This will in turn;
  • Give us something for us to measure ourselves against for future years, which will then;
  • Guide our future work and progress.


“It is absolutely necessary for us to take into account a heritage of faith that the Church has the duty of preserving in its untouchable purity, and of presenting it to the people of our time, in a way that is as understandable and persuasive as possible.”
(Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, 3)