Student Wellbeing at St Joseph’s College


Where a need for specific assistance is identified, St Joseph’s offers the services of a school counsellor, Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement, Leader of Wellbeing and Pastoral Care, Learning Mentor Group (LMG) teacher and Within the Gates worker. The school runs a number of other programs throughout the year targeted to the needs of individual students. These include a variety of small groups focusing on building positive relationships and self-esteem; Season For Growth (understanding grief and loss) and tailored programs to build social skills and organisation.


The Leader of Wellbeing and Engagement has carriage over a year group of students and can assist with your child’s wellbeing through both short and long term interventions. In addition to this, the College has three stage-based Leaders of Wellbeing and Pastoral care, who organise and implement College based wellbeing initiatives. Your child’s Learning Mentor Group teacher will be a familiar face to them and can also support your child throughout their schooling.

Peer Support

When students enrol at St Joseph’s in Year 7, they are supported in their transition by our Peer Support program, with leaders allocated to them from Year 10 class. These Peer Support leaders work with Year 7 students throughout Term 1 to help them understand the routines of the school and settle into life at high school.

Community Days

Community Days are an essential part of St Joseph’s College as they foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing in all students, but particularly those transitioning from Primary to Secondary education.

Students in all year groups also participate in Community Days throughout the year. These include year-based days where students focus on team building and creating positive relationships, along with whole school occasions.

Support Personnel

Students at St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar, are supported in their learning by our Learning Support Team that includes a Learning Support Coordinator, Learning Support Teachers and Teacher Aides. The Learning Support team work to support both the pastoral and academic needs of the students.

Clinical Psychologist

St Joseph’s has the services of a Clinical Psychologist, provided through the Catholic Schools Office, working at the school. The psychologist provides support with academic and social assessments. Recommendations are made to assist parents and teachers to cater for the ongoing educational needs of the students.

Within the Gates Program

To support students and families, St Joseph’s is participating in a pilot of the Diocese Within the Gates Program. This means that a Case Worker is allocated to the school full times. The Case Worker has a particular focus on supporting attendance and vulnerable students and families.

Careers Advisor

Our Careers Advisor works in supporting students in a variety of ways:

  • Advice in determining career path
  • Developing a CV and applying for work
  • Accessing work experience
  • Selecting subjects and determining pathways for Stage 6
  • Conducting Transition Lessons (Year 10)
  • Applying for apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Applying for university or TAFE

The Careers Advisor can be accessed by students at the Careers Office.

Aboriginal Education Yalawa Centre

Working to support our Indigenous students, our Aboriginal Education Teacher builds relationships with students, families and the community to promote cultural identity and assist students in reaching their potential. Each year our teacher works with indigenous students to develop an individual plan for to support their learning.